Ridership Independence for the Disabled in Buncombe County

What is RIDE?

RIDE is a curb-to-curb subsidized transportation program that allows disabled residents to purchase private transportation provider services at a significant discount. The goal of the RIDE Program is to increase independence, freedom of choice, and transportation options for individuals with disabilities.

The RIDE Program is offered through Mountain Mobility, Buncombe County’s Community Transportation System.  Funding for the program is subject to the availability of federal funds received through the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Section 5317 New Freedom Program.  Buncombe County and revenues from the sale of vouchers provide matching funds for the program.

How does it work?  

Once you are approved and registered as a RIDE participant, you are eligible to purchase vouchers that may be used with any of the RIDE transportation providers. Voucher booklets are sold for $25.00 per booklet.  Each booklet contains ten vouchers.

Voucher coupons have a value of $10.00 each.  The fare required for a one-way trip with a RIDE provider is based on either mileage for a shared ride trip or the meter fare box if using a taxi.  Customers may use up to five vouchers to cover the cost of a one-way trip.  Customers pay the balance of the fare if it exceeds the $50 value of the coupon.  All trips must take place within Buncombe County.