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Rider's Guide

The goal of the RIDE Program is to increase the independence, self-esteem, freedom of choice and transportation options for individuals with disabilities in Buncombe County.  Offering a voucher program to supplement transportation is an effective way to increase transportation options and independence for people with disabilities.  Under the RIDE Program, participants can purchase discounted vouchers in the form of $10 off coupons from Mountain Mobility.  The coupon/voucher would then be used to pay for the cost of a trip provided by a participating provider.  The participant schedules the trip with a participating provider of their choice, who in turn bills Mountain Mobility the pre-determined/negotiated cost of the trip.

Who is eligible for this service?

Individuals who are interested in participating in the RIDE Program must be an individual certified by Mountain Mobility as ADA-eligible and who, due to a disability, is unable to travel on ART buses or on Mountain Mobility Trailblazer buses.  Each individual shall provide their name, street address, telephone number, date of birth and the last four digits of their social security number, in addition to other information that may be applicable as described in these guidelines.  Proof of age, disability, or other documentation, including a functional assessment to determine ADA eligibility, may be required. 

Individuals must be willing to abide by the guidelines and procedures of the program.  Individuals applying for certification and/or certified participants may be asked to schedule an interview with program staff if necessary to conduct an assessment or to ensure eligibility or understanding of program guidelines and procedures.  Participants may be required to participate in travel training if it is determined that their transportation needs could be met through the ART bus system or Mountain Mobility Trailblazer routes.

How do I enroll?

Individuals who are interested in participating in the RIDE Program may begin the eligibility and certification process by calling 828-250-6750, extension 5 (or 828-252-4085 TDD) between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

How do I purchase voucher books?

You can order vouchers by submitting an order form and payment to Mountain Mobility/Land of Sky Regional Council, 339 New Leicester Hwy, Suite 140, Asheville, NC  28806 or calling 828-250-6750, option 5, to place an order over the phone.  Vouchers will be mailed to you upon receipt of payment.  Payment may be made by money order or check.  Orders will be returned within three (3) working days after receipt. 

Pre-numbered vouchers will be sold in books of “$10 Off Coupons.” Currently, there is no limit on the number of vouchers which can be purchased by a participant, but that is subject to change in the event that demand for the program increases.

A coupon book will not be sold to any RIDE customer who has not expended all vouchers from the previously-issued book.  The expiration date of vouchers will be based on funding and grant provisions.  Vouchers cannot be sold or transferred to other individuals or participants, and doing so constitutes program abuse.  Refunds will not be provided for unused, expired, lost, or stolen vouchers.

Mountain Mobility/Land of Sky Regional Council will void vouchers and ride priviledges in the event of a returned check and users may be subject to revocation of eligibility.

How much do I pay?

The face value on a voucher is $10.00.  Each voucher is offered at a cost of $2.50 per voucher to the customer.  Vouchers are purchased in books of ten (10) vouchers.  So basically, customers are getting $100.00 worth of transportation for $25.00.

One coupon is valued at up to $10 off the cost of a one-way trip provided by a RIDE provider.  The minimum cost of a one-way trip for any RIDE customer utilizing a coupon is $10.  If the cost of the trip is more than $50, you must pay the difference at the time service is provided (just like taxi or other private transportation services).  Up to five (5) vouchers can be used per person, per trip.

What are the program’s service hours and service area?

Vouchers may be used for transportation to destinations within Buncombe County only.  Vouchers may not be used to pay for trips outside of the service area.  You may travel within the service hours of the provider chosen. 

How do I use a voucher?

Only the registered participant whose name is on the voucher may use the voucher.  Vouchers cannot be sold or transferred to other individuals.  Choose a participating provider from the list below for the trip to be taken and will call the provider’s contact number.  You identify yourself as a RIDE Program user and schedule a pick-up time.  You may call any of the providers listed to schedule a ride.


Phone Number


Areawide Transportation 828-713-4710  
Beer City Transportation 828-774-2337  
Cesar's Family Services/David's Transportation 828-215-0715 cesarfamilyservices.com/transportation.html
Mercury Transportation 828-243-9622  
Mr. B's Transportation 828-424-6779  
Special Occasions Limousine 828-681-2811  
Weaverville Cab Company 828-575-8065  

Once the trip is scheduled, you will fill out the required information on the voucher. Drivers cannot accept incomplete vouchers. 

The voucher should be presented to the driver at the end of the trip.  Up to five (5) vouchers may be used for payment for a one-way trip.  If the metered fare or trip cost exceeds $10.00, you must pay the difference.  If the metered fare or trip cost is less than $50.00, no change will be provided to you.  You must remit a voucher and any remaining cost when the trip ends.

You are responsible for paying for any additional charges for the service, including any additional fee or surcharge for other passenger(s) accompanying the participant, luggage surcharges, wait time, or tip.  In addition and if applicable, the participant shall also pay for any additional fees or extra charges that may be applicable.  Tipping is optional; it should be based on courtesy and service rendered, especially if drivers provide extra assistance with packages and bags. 

You then submit the white copy to the driver after all required information is filled in and you have signed the voucher.  You keep the yellow copy for your records.

Public Transportation Holidays

The dates listed below are Buncombe County Holidays.  MOUNTAIN MOBILITY AND ASHEVILLE TRANSIT DO NOT OPERATE ON THESE DATES: Transportation on these holidays through the RIDE program is subject to provider services/availability.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day January 16,2017
Good Friday April 14,2017
Memorial Day May 29, 2017
Independence Day July 4, 2017
Labor Day September 4, 2017
Veteran's Day November 10, 2017
Thanksgiving - Two days November 23-24, 2017
Christmas - Two days December 25-26, 2017

Program Abuse or Fraud

Mountain Mobility reserves the right to refuse to pay for or issue vouchers to any participant who disregards the policies and procedures established for this program.  Participants who are found to be in violation of RIDE Program guidelines or procedures will be terminated from the program and may be subject to civil or criminal prosecution.  A notice of violation and termination shall be issued to a participant via certified letter.

Within fifteen (15) days of receiving a notice of violation, the participant or provider may request, either verbally or in writing, a meeting with the Program Coordinator to explain inconsistencies with vouchers that have been submitted.

Program Funding and Duration

Mountain Mobility reserves the right to limit participation in the RIDE Program as may be necessary to control program expenses.  The services provided under this program are available through the end of the current fiscal year or until funds are depleted, whichever occurs first.  Total expenditures under this program shall not exceed the amount of funds available.  Continuation of the RIDE Program from fiscal year to fiscal year is contingent upon the availability of federal, state, and/or local funds to support the program.

Other Guidelines and Procedures

Other guidelines and procedures may be developed and applied as necessary for effective oversight of the RIDE program.